The idea behind Streamify

Since 2004 we have been in the business of providing an online video platform for small, medium and large organizations.

We´ve lived through the birth and rise of the online video revolution and seen many technologies and companies come and go.

In 2013 the first pen strokes outlined our new platform - version 4.

We imagined a platform that would enable everyone to sell their premium video content, not only the tech sawy or big organizations with huge collections of videos.

This had to be, by far, the best platform we ever built. Not only from a technical and usability point of view. It also had to incorporate a new inclusive business model that enables everyone to be profitable, even customers with a single video.

The idea was; If we only made money when our customers did there would be no risk involved for the customer to sell their premium videos. Our interests would be aligned and that would serve as fruitful grounds for a great longstanding business relationship.

Today, we launch the beta version of Streamify 4. We are eager to hear what you think and welcome any and all feedback.