How Kejbert Concept reach 2000% ROI with Live Shopping

Shop from your living room directly from stylish Caroline Kejbert’s wardrobe! With a lifelong interest in fashion and a platform of loyal followers, success became a fact even during a pandemic for Kejbert Concept. Influencer and entrepreneur Caroline Kejbert was sure from the start that live shopping is the future and that the format would digitally strengthen the brand’s personality.

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Kejbert Concept’s results with Live Shopping from Streamify

  • 2000% ROI
  • Average sale: SEK 100,000 / live shopping event
  • 42 min average session time/viewer

With a master’s degree in engineering, 10,000 hours as a shop assistant, and a strong following after a romantic TV career in ‘Farmer seeks wife’, there was no doubt. Through her social media, Caroline often received questions about what she was wearing, styling tips, and positive comments about her style. It was obvious that Caroline’s followers were eager to share her wardrobe.

Kejbert Concept opened the doors to its store on September 12, 2020. In a newly renovated car garage out in the open amid an impending pandemic, Kejbert Concept sold garments and accessories hand-picked by frontwoman Caroline Kejbert to happy followers and curious visitors. The demand to be able to send goods increased, and for a short period, Kejbert Concept sold products via Instagram and Facebook.

Both we and our customers appreciate live shopping as a format! We have customers who visits our store and tell’s us how much they appreciate our live events. In addition, we have so much fun during the broadcasts! Clearly, the format takes us through the screen and seriously connects with our customers,” says Caroline Kejbert, CEO at Kejbert Concept.

Live shopping concept and strategy

It can be challenging to bring a brand to life and make it so personal that our audience can relate. But also very rewarding when succeeding – especially when it comes to loyalty and sales. And Kejbert Concept has succeeded with that, thru help of Live Shopping.

There is no doubt that clothes sell better when customers can see the garments on a person live. And that the interaction with the viewers leads to stronger relationships, more purchases, and repeat customers is also apparent. The strategy behind live shopping for Kejbert Concept has been to build personality behind the brand and to create relationships between customers, viewers, and Kejbert Concept.

Since the entire business concept revolves around being able to shop for garments that Caroline Kejbert has personally selected and that fit in her wardrobe, the bridge between the customer’s living room and Caroline’s wardrobe is hers; store, social channels, and live shopping broadcasts.

The products promoted in the live shopping events are everything from garments they want to sell more of in e-commerce, products that they need more video content around, and products that they simply want to provide more information and inspiration about.

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Caroline’s 7 best tips to succeed with Live Shopping:

It’s not hard to see why Caroline Kejbert has become so successful in social media and Live Shopping – she has a warm, bubbly personality that is contagious, even through the screen. So, here are her top 7 tips for live shopping success:

  • 1) Have fun! (“That may be the most important tip of all,” laughs Caroline Kejbert)
  • 2) Be yourself and screw it if it goes wrong! Live shopping should be entertaining and authentic.
  • 3) Help customers and followers find their way to the live shopping event! Only some people know that the events take place in the webshop or what live shopping is, so it is good to provide extra information about it.
  • 4) Broadcast continuously! As with all channels, customers need help finding the channel and require continuity to maintain interest.
  • 5) Just do it, it takes a few times, and you’re a pro. Give yourself the right conditions to succeed, with good planning but with room for spontaneity
  • 6) Good light and make sure to have a good connection. That’s A and O! Use the Streamify app and stream from your mobile with good lightning.
  • 7) Promote the live event two weeks before the broadcast, and remember to push customers to watch it afterward!

“We see an incredible increase in sales in our e-commerce linked to each live event. We also see that after the end of the live event, customers start shopping from previous live shopping events, available on demand on the website,” says Caroline Kejbert, CEO at Kejbert Concept.

Five live shopping themes Kejbert Concept had

  • “Back to work” – here they present news for autumn and use a directly converting discount code to drive conversion during life.
  • “Late summer live from the new store” – they promoted new trends and newly arrived products and pushed deals viewers can’t miss!
  • “Graduation Special” – Carro shows inspiring outfits for midsummer, graduation, and all the summer festivities. Several people involved in Kejbert Concept’s life are also invited to include the viewers in the team.
  • “Spring Live” – ​​here, the spring news is displayed, and they offer inspiration with outfits for everyday life and parties.
  • “Easter live” – here, news with elements of Easter theme is promoted, and they are also visited by a florist who helps with Easter inspiration in the home.

Kejbert Concept <3 Streamify

Caroline Kejbert and her team at Kejbert Concept have become everyday entertainment for followers and customers to count on. The bubbling energy and desire to help customers find the right thing in the outfit jungle go through the screen.

The most significant effect they got from live shopping is that the live shopping format built the relationships between Kejbert Concept and their customers much stronger. In the future, all video content generated by live shopping will be cut down and posted on product pages and in articles to enhance the already inspiring experience at

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