Adoore satsar på live shopping i samarbete med Streamify

Adoore collaborates with Streamify and invests in live shopping

The Swedish fashion brand Adoore is growing rapidly and has now decided to improve their customer experience with live shopping. In this article, Adoore’s founder, Petra Tungården, talks about their intentions with taking live shopping to the next level and why they’ve chosen to collaborate with Streamify. You’ll also get advice on how to improve your own live shopping events.

Petra Tungården, Adoore

Many people in Scandinavia recognize Petra Tungården as a stylist and one of Sweden’s most well-known influencers, but she’s also a fashion manager and CEO. The fashion brand Adoore was founded in 2018 when Tungården started designing timeless garments that accentuate and celebrate different body types. In addition to their e-commerce, Adoore also has stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and soon the Netherlands. Now, they’ve also chosen to add live shopping to the list.

– I think live shopping is one of the most exciting platforms! It’s so genuine, and anything can happen – that’s what’s so fun about it. Live shopping often becomes spontaneous, and you interact with your customers in a completely different way as everything takes place in real-time. In addition, you as a consumer can make your voice heard and ask questions about, for example, our garments directly to a designer instead of contacting traditional customer service, says Petra Tungården.

Use live shopping to build a community

For Adoore, as with most businesses, the primary purpose of live shopping is not to sell as many products as possible. Instead, live shopping is a complement that allows customers to get to know the brand. Petra Tungården says that they intend to develop the concept even more by educating and giving viewers an exclusive look behind the scenes:

– We want to welcome our customers to the world of Adoore. We’ll invite different guests, such as make-up artists or hair stylists, and give viewers tours of our office. We want to show what takes place behind the scenes, how we do our photoshoots, and the whole journey of how our products are made, from idea to design to finished garment. As a founder, I’m often at the center of attention, but our customers will get to know all of Adoore, and we want to create a community with helpful articles and how-tos.

Live shopping reduces waste

Adoore considers live shopping a tool to further care for the environment. For example, today, it’s common for consumers to order a single piece of clothing in two different sizes to test the fit and then send one of the products back. This is where Adoore wants to use live shopping to guide customers to the right purchase from the start and thereby lower the return rate. They also want to be transparent about how they produce their clothes, as this is an issue that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of.

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“We’ve only seen the beginning of what live shopping will be”

From being a somewhat unfamiliar concept, the demand for live shopping has increased significantly, and both large and small companies use live broadcasts to strengthen their brand and create a better dialogue with their customers. Tungården also sees that the attitude towards live shopping has changed:

– Today, live shopping is the digital equivalent of a physical store. You get to experience the whole concept, feel the vibe, and meet the staff. At Adoore, for example, we often get questions like: “I’m going to a wedding, what should I wear with this dress?” and thanks to live shopping, we can easily answer these types of questions. Video content is doing incredibly well now, and we’ve only seen the beginning of what live shopping will be. It’s still unexplored territory, says Petra Tungården.

When asked to predict the future of live shopping, Tungården says it’ll become easier to shop through integrated services. She also believes that, in the future, the buyer’s journey will be improved as customers get more involved. Furthermore, it’ll become easier to connect with other systems and solutions that make live shopping an engaging and personal experience.

Petra Tungården’s 3 tips for those who want to improve their live shopping

Whether you haven’t tried live shopping yet or already have some experience, things can always be improved. Petra Tungården has extensive experience in live shopping events as she’s collaborated with several notable brands, and these are her best tips for those to want to become better at it:

  • Practice! Everyone involved should get together the day before or a few hours before the broadcast. Like with all TV or video productions, you have to practice and keep track of the schedule. In live shopping, you sometimes have to improvise, and therefore it’s nice to have a schedule or manuscript to fall back on.
  • Get help from the team! It’s important to have a producer who keeps track of everything happening behind the camera. That person can handle the questions in the chat, which is essential to keep track of so that the host doesn’t lose their connection with the viewers. Make sure your team can make everything flow smoothly.
  • Dare to be yourself! Don’t be too square – if you are, your live shopping won’t be any fun to look at. After a while, you’ll forget about the cameras, but make sure you get a lot of experience first. If you don’t feel comfortable by yourself, you can invite a guest who lifts the mood and makes you feel relaxed.

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Why has Adoore chosen to collaborate with Streamify?

The Adoore team is delighted to have chosen Streamify as their partner for live shopping. When asked about what’s important when choosing the right supplier, Petra Tungården emphasizes simplicity and a good user experience. You also need to make sure that the video player can be adapted to the fonts and colors of your brand and that it doesn’t cover the entire screen. For that, Streamify is a perfect choice.

Another critical factor is that viewers should be able to view and shop for products while still watching the broadcast. Last but not least, Adoore values the good dialogue they have with Streamify:

– We like that Streamify wants us to give them feedback and that they don’t seal themselves off to a certain brand but let us collaborate with external businesses. Apart from live shopping, we’ll use Streamify as our YouTube channel, and we plan to reuse material on the website instead of just posting the videos. It feels good that together we’ll positively influence how live shopping will be experienced in the future, says Petra Tungården.

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