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Do These 5 Steps And Get More Viewers To Your Live Shopping Events

Do These 5 Steps And Get More Viewers To Your Live Shopping Events

With 18 months of experience in Live Shopping and five years of experience in retail, I have found that these five tips help to boost your Brands Live Shopping.

After our Client’s first and second Live Shopping events, they often ask me this specific question.

– Do you have any advice on getting more people into our Live Shopping events?

I do!

After experimenting with different marketing efforts, we concluded that these five steps are the simplest and have the best effect. You can do many more things, but it’s easier to start doing the simple things well and add more than doing everything at once.

Below, I have included my best tips for you; I hope you’ll get even better results after you’ve done them.

  1. Put the broadcast up on your website as soon as possible so visitors can see what is coming. Everyone can then add it to their calendar to get a notification 10 minutes before the Live Shopping event starts. This function is a fantastic tool so that your viewers remember to join the events.

  2. You can also create a form on the page for Live Shopping and on the start page where customers can fill in their email so that you can email it out before it’s time. This helps you start a new Live Shopping email list, in which you can connect to the live shopping events, provide more value, and be highly relevant to those who subscribe.

  3. Start promoting on Instagram. You can do a little “teaser” well in advance with a poll. Ex. “We’ll have a Live Shopping event soon. Will you be checking?” Please sow a seed now and keep the target group updated and curious about what will come. You should then post Instagram stories with the countdown function so that people can sign up in advance for automatic notification when you go live, and be sure to share the link to the broadcast on the website.

You must be evident in the communication and tell your audience that they are pressing the countdown and then “remind me” - to avoid missing your first show - be clear with why they should participate live.

  1. (The day when it’s time for Live) It has worked very well for our customers that a couple of minutes before your broadcast starts on the website, start broadcasting live on Instagram - so all followers there get an automatic notification. Then you have their full attention and can tell you they should join the Live Shopping you are hosting on your website, starting in a few minutes.

  2. Send out newsletters with information about what’s to come with a link to register your interest. For example, communicate clearly in your emails if you have a giveaway, competition, discount, or something special planned for your Live Shopping.

These are my top tips for generating interest and gathering data to ensure that as many people as possible get the info and attend your Live Shopping events.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss this further.