Get data ownership by hosting live shopping on your site

Yes, data ownership is crucial when it comes to live shopping as well. It’s not only critical for security reasons, but user experience and business development as well. This article will tell you how to get data ownership over your live shopping. It’s suitable both to those who need a little introduction to the importance of live shopping data, as well as more experienced professionals.

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Why owning live shopping data is important

Everyone’s talking about data ownership these days. But why is it so important, specifically when conducting live shopping? Let’s discuss four reasons why you should care about owning your live shopping data.

1. Security

If you think that European privacy measures begin and end with GDPR, think again. Privacy and security regulations will only continue to harden. When you involve third-party platforms, such as certain social media sites or apps, there’s an increased possibility of security breaches or impacted data that could hurt your brand. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use social media to market your event.

2. User-experience

Your customers expect a personalised experience while engaging with your brand. By owning and using the data derived from live shopping, you can customise the user experience, create personalised offers, easier adapt to trends and be relevant in a scalable way. If someone else owns the data, and they choose to eliminate their live shopping feature, this will lead to the information disappearing. Quite a bummer, right?

3. Business development

Do you prefer to make educated decisions? Well, who doesn’t. Having a data-driven focus, and building strategies on facts, means you can make better decisions with more confidence. By gathering. analysing and owning data, you’re able to improve business decisions. For example, if you get recurring questions in the live shopping chat, this could indicate you need to improve communication – or your product. You can also see what offers are appreciated, or where people churn during their buyer’s journey.

4. Goal optimisation

Needless to say, you can’t set, measure or follow up on goals without data. If your most important live shopping KPI is sales and conversion, then maybe educational live shopping events shouldn’t be a priority. In short, you need to be able to access data that are relevant to reaching your goals

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Data ownership and usage with Streamify

When using Streamify as a platform, your data will be segmented by actual live data, as well as from viewing on-demand. You’ll find both a comprehensible graph and a “lifetime graph”. And it’s easy to both read and use, whether you’re a software technician or a marketing professional.

You’ll also find data points regarding:

  • Add-to-cart (ATC)
  • Engagement rate
  • Click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Time spent with brand (TSB)
  • Average viewing time

Wouldn’t you like to own everything?

Data won’t be less important in the following years. By using Streamify as a platform, you own the data and no other third-party apps – such as social media platforms – are involved. Your brand, your rules.

The platform gathers and presents data in a user-friendly way, without handling sensitive information – available regardless of your CRM or eCommerce platform. Included in our Professional license are also monthly performance reports with highlights, expert comments and optimisation suggestions.

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