Get more viewers by structuring live shopping correctly on your website

“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start.”

This is not just a classic quote by Charles Bukowski. It’s also a known fact regarding live shopping efforts (and e-commerce in general). In this article, we’ll give you some elementary advice on how to attract more viewers to your event simply by having the right structure on your website. Because if you want to invest time and resources in live shopping, why not go all the way?

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This whole article could basically be summed up in one sentence; the fewer clicks it takes to find your live shopping, the better results you’ll see. You need to make your broadcasts easy to discover – before, during and after the actual live shopping event. How else would anyone find their way there? So if you think about linking viewers to your live shopping from the footer of your website, you’ll also find your results to be at the very bottom.

“For example, we had a client who started with live shopping, but they decided to put their live shopping gallery two clicks away from the homepage. When they moved it to the homepage instead, they experienced 325% more viewers in one day than in one month”, says Rickard Lönn, Head of Sales at Streamify.

Follow these 4 steps to properly structure live shopping on your site

1. Display the event in the hero section

To achieve the best results, you should highlight your event in the hero section of your website 48 hours before the event and 72 hours after. However, we know that changing the hero section could be a difficult fight with IT or your art director. But showcasing the event in the hero section for at least some hours before and after is better than nothing.

2. Structure a user-friendly library

Collect and display all your completed events in a user-friendly library or gallery. Make sure every event has a clear headline and picture – and use tags to make it easy for viewers to sort through. For example, if you’re a food chain, you could sort your events by “seasonal products”, “new to cooking” and “shopping list of the week”.

3. Make it easy to find your event afterwards.

By putting a live shopping section in your top navigation bar, viewers won’t have to scroll and scan through your website to take part in your educational and entertaining content. Simply name the section “Live shopping” – or why not “[Your Brand] Live” for increased brand awareness?

4. Use a pop-up CTA.

A middle ground could be arranged if your company’s design or IT people flinched when you asked about changing the hero section. Create a visual CTA that pops up on the homepage for a good amount of hours before and after the event. A straightforward pop-up message such as “Join our event” together with the countdown or “Did you miss our latest live shopping?” can be very effective in getting more viewers. The pop-up CTA can also be used on other relevant landing pages.

Example from Kejbert Concept’s website, where “Liveshopping” is a separate option in the top navigation menu.

The resources you need to get more live shopping viewers

We know you’re busy. You don’t have hours and hours left to request new coding, link content, or make major changes to your website. But no need to worry. With Streamify, all you have to do is copy and paste a piece of code. It’s really that simple.

You choose how to brand the page and player in our interface, adding a description, picture, and counter. Then copy and paste the generated code into your CMS or e-commerce system. And voilà – you’re already on your way to getting more viewers!