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Leverage Your Live Shopping Content In Existing Channels

Leverage Your Live Shopping Content In Existing Channels

When you Implement Live Shopping and stream consistently, you create a lot of video content that can be used after the fact in existing channels. And I mean A lot.

How many TikToks, Shorts, Reels, Stories, Newsletters, etc., can you create from a 45 min Live Shopping event? You can also share your exclusive Live Shopping events.

The opportunity to leverage the content in existing channels is enormous. One perception we sometimes face is that Live Shopping competes with the existing media, which is invalid.

Our customers who leverage their existing channels from the start get faster results and implement Live Shopping on a broader scale in their marketing & content plan.

You can think of Live Shopping, which you naturally host on your website, as a video content base. You create the content, cut it up, and share it on social media and other existing channels to drive relevant traffic to your website. By structuring it this way, your customers & potential customers can consume the best experience of your video content on your website, where all the video content is shoppable and provides the customers with the best & most seamless shopping experience.

You need to leverage your existing channels with your Live Shopping content to avoid wasting money and leaving content on the table.

The content you produce live is probably the most unique, personal & authentic content you and your company have, and if we talk about Gen Z, they crave that type of content. It’s never been more important to be transparent & authentic than today. By hosting Live Shopping events consistently and then reusing that content, you help solve that problem and, simultaneously, can achieve significant value from your Live Shopping Strategy alone.

They complement each other, and getting one without the other is hard.

So if you are not leveraging your Live Shopping content in existing channels today, that’s something to consider starting with.

You can discover more here if you haven’t started your Live Shopping journey yet.