Why is Live Commerce so effective?

Live Shopping engages 1800% more visitors online than a traditional e-commerce and converts 10X more visitors – making the channel perhaps the world’s best sales and marketing channel.

Live Commerce or Live Shopping is the present version of TV Shop! TV Shop was that format that offered shoppable content on a “non-smart TV” back in the days. Where an enthusiastic TV host promoted a product, interviewed users, and showcased how to achieve the best results with the product. In the right corner there was a phone number and a countdown showing how long time the offer was valid. Viewers could call the phone number and order the goods promoted in the broadcast.

Live Shopping on the other hand, makes it possible to live stream directly from your website. Creating your very own TV Shop-cannel if you may. An embedded video player appears on chosen landing page enabling you to live stream your own show online.
The visitors don’t need to dial the phone number in the right corner to shop; the product displayed in the broadcast can be clicked on, added to the shopping cart, and seamlessly checked out - without viewers having to leave the live stream. During the live stream viewers also can talk to the hosts via a live chat, asking all the questions about the products that they need to get answered before purchasing it. The broadcast is available live and on demand. Leaving all content “shoppable” 24/7.

70 % of all sales related to the live shopping shows happens on-demand.

Kejbert Concept live stream

Live Shopping is TV Shop on your website or e-commerce

Now anyone can have their own “TV Shop” or TV channel! Using a Live Video Shopping Platform allows all companies with a website or e-commerce to host a live show on their site. The video player is embedded in your website and makes it possible for visitors to watch your live stream, chat live, engage with you, and shop for everything promoted in the video.

A Live Shopping Event engages 1800% more customers than traditional e-commerce and converts 10X more visitors. The concept significantly impacts increasing customer engagement and online conversions – making the channel perhaps the world’s best sales and marketing channel.

Watch Kejbert Concept Live Shopping Event here!
Founder Caroline Kejbert promotes products available in her online store via live streaming. The average viewing time for her live shopping events is 42 (!) minutes.

The Global trend of Live Shopping

In China, the world’s largest e-commerce market, 20-30 % of total e-commerce sales will come from live shopping in 2023. And globally, 10-20% of total revenue from e-commerce is expected to be generated from live shopping in 2026.

Many ecommerce companies look at China as a part of predicting how the Western world’s e-commerce will develop within 5-7 years. Some of us thought that TikTok was just a trend, but looking at where we’ve come, TikTok, as we all know, is not just a trend; it’s part of the marketing mix for several brands out there. And we’re sure to say that Live Shopping will be a part of that mix, too.

Why live shopping is the best sales & marketing channel in the world

Watch out webinar: WTF is Live Shopping and why jump on that bandwagon?
→ Why is it that an ancient TV-concept, such as QVC and TV-Shop, is now making such a great impact around the world? Learn about what results you can get from Live Shopping, best practices in marketing and planning live shopping events and how to measure performance.

Why is live video shopping so powerful?

Live shopping is the channel that takes the best from physical stores and meetings – and brings it into digital accessibility on your website. It reduces geographical limitations for customers to come to visit you. You can now get a real-store feeling from anywhere in the world.

The live stream format allows brands to interact with their digital visitors in a very personal way via video. You strengthen customer loyalty and credibility by inspiring and educating viewers about products and services and adding more personality and context to your brand – just as you would in a physical store.

The staff, the atmosphere, the service, and the time you spend with the brand when visiting a store or showroom are priceless. And challenging to take with you in the digital world. With live shopping, you can take all the goodies that customers love about you into the digital world. Let Kalle in the store and Sara from the warehouse become the brand’s next movie stars and make the digital experience as similar to an authentic brand experience as possible.

Live shopping on your website or on Social Media?

Ask yourself: Where would you most like your customer to be? If the answer is on your site or in your e-commerce, the answer is Live Shopping on your site. You should still use live broadcasting via, for example, Instagram. It’s a great way to reach your followers on that particular platform. For instance, via Instagram Stories, you can inform followers that they can join live shopping events on your site by promoting a link and a reminder.

Additionally, people who use SoMe often have another agenda than shopping; they socialize on social media platforms and are there to be inspired or entertained – not to shop. And they know that the following fun clip is just a swipe-up away. This means that your site visitors have a better chance to convert – because they’re less distracted and are more motivated.

Is Live Shopping for everyone?

YES! If you have customers you’d like to connect and communicate with, live shopping enables an interactive channel for you to engage with your customers. Everyone can benefit from creating a personality and humanizing your brands so that customers and potential customers can build trust to you.

Live shopping, live streaming, webinars and live commerce – the names are different but the format is the same. Brands want to create an inspiring and guiding experience for their online visitors, and share knowledge and expert advice for curious viewers. Like we’ve mentioned, Live streaming becomes your own TV-channel where your viewers can interact with you, shop products and you can engage with them through videos.

Live shopping fit’s many industries.

If you have a product or service that customers have questions about or where you have a need to educate them before purchase, live streaming is for you. If your customer or target group sooner or later will become part of the mobile-first-generation that does all business online – live streaming is for you! To demonstrate the width of live shopping:

  • Fashion & Retail – already moving fast within live shopping, showcasing products, building community, and turning the format into the ultimate sales channel.
  • Grocery stores & food companies – can use live shopping as their cook-along-program where the ingredients in the cooking can be purchased directly via the broadcast
  • Automotive industry, which usually has its showrooms way out in the middle of nowhere, could broadcast live to show the latest model cars that can now be leased, where the conversion is that you can book a test drive during the broadcast
  • B2B companies – and most of them already do. Webinars are the same thing as a live shopping event, the difference is that with live shopping viewers can click on products showcased in the video. Streamify uses live shopping to broadcast webinars and let users download content pieces, guides and case study as a “shoppable” product. We also has “Book meeting with sales” as a product that viewers can add to cart.
  • Real Estate Agents – live stream a house viewing via a smart phone and let potential buyers watch the house property live and ask questions as you go – and maybe book a privat physical viewing or place a bid live.
  • Recruiting & consulting – not only is the consumers become Gen Z or mobile-first, the candidate also becomes mobile-first. To reach and attract new recruits you need to meet them on platforms they prefer and engage with them in ways they do. Have job shopping event and let viewers interact with the employees at the company and use “Apply job” as a shoppable product.
  • Automotive – Use your beautiful showroom with remarkable cars to the fullest! Use the location and the sales people in your live streaming events where viewers get introduced to the newest car available and let them book a test drive as a “product” in your live shopping show.

There are plenty of other industries that can use live shopping as a communication channel; it’s only your creativity that sets the limits.

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