Success Story: CC Shoes

Success Story: CC Shoes

CC Shoes humanize its Brand and create human interaction online.

I met with CC Shoes CEO Wiktor Sjövall and their Head of e-commerce, Naima Osman, at a restaurant in Stockholm. Prepared with a list of questions, I was super excited to hear about their Live Shopping. During the interview, they mentioned that they had conducted about 15 Live Shopping events using their in-house experts.

The first question I asked was regarding CC Shoes and how they would describe their brand. They both had a smile on their face when they replied:

At CC Shoes, they are committed to providing European artisan footwear that is sustainably produced with the highest ethical standards. All of their products are crafted in Italy with raw materials sourced from Europe and undergo vegetable tanning for an eco-friendly environment, ensuring fair working conditions and short transport routes. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading destination for conscious customers seeking the best in Italian shoe production.

Their mission is to carefully curate and offer a wide range of shoes that excel in style, comfort, quality, and affordability. We believe in enabling our customers to invest in key pieces they will love for a long time. With every purchase, customers can trust that our shoes will bring joy, self-esteem, and comfort to their everyday lives while enhancing their personal style.

We place great emphasis on providing a seamless shopping experience, whether it be in-store or online. Our collection encompasses everything from timeless staples to the latest haute couture, catering to the conscious customer who wants to invest in herself and her style in a responsible way.

The conversation was genuinely inspiring, and I immediately understood their focus.

The customer.

Live Shopping: Why We Do It At our company, Live Shopping serves multiple purposes. We use it to humanize our brand, showcase the people behind our products, and maintain transparency with our customers. Our goal is to create a digital shopping experience that matches the personal touch of an in-person visit. For us, building strong relationships with our customers is crucial, which is why we strive to meet them where they are and in the ways they prefer. Through live shopping, we can provide a platform for direct communication with our product experts who possess extensive knowledge and understanding of our offerings.

Additionally, Live Shopping helps us foster a sense of community and loyalty among our customers. We want to ensure that every purchase meets our customers’ expectations by presenting our products in an unfiltered context without any retouched images. Through this approach, we can bridge the gap between physical and digital interactions and create a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers.

“Our customers are our top priority, and we recognize the importance of meeting their needs and preferences. We strive to build strong relationships with them by meeting them where they are and providing personalized experiences that cater to their desires.” CEO, Wiktor Sjövall

Why Choose Your Site Over Social Media?

At our company, we place a high value on providing our customers with the best possible experience. We believe in owning the customer journey and providing a smooth and seamless buying process. By hosting live broadcasts on our website, we can tag our products and make it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Additionally, since our creations are tailored towards exclusivity, our website gives us the perfect platform to create high-quality content and build a library of resources that can continue to provide value to our customers long after the broadcast is over.

We understand the importance of clear communication, which is why our content is organized with headings that make it easy for customers to find the information they need. Ultimately, our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized, exceptional experience, and we believe that our website is the best way to achieve that.

What results did you get? A clear result is that the live broadcasts physically drive a customer to us. Where they discover a product online but that the purchase is carried out physically. We see that the number of viewers and purchases increases as we broadcast consistently. Engagement in the broadcasts is also growing. We receive much positive feedback in our broadcasts and questions regarding the products, which we greatly appreciate.

Feedback from the customers: Very positive! Our customers appreciate seeing our products in context and get the opportunity to ask us questions regarding our products. We want to inspire our customers and, with quality broadcasts, create a relationship with our customers online as well as in-store. It’s enjoyable when our customers discover us online, come into our store, and tell us how much they appreciate our live shopping and products.

We also get many questions, which we appreciate a lot. The questions often regard shipping, sizing, bags, shoes, materials, manufacturing country, etc. We can quickly answer these questions in real-time to help our customers get all the information that’s important to them so we can help them make an educated decision. When we get these questions, it’s great to have our live shopping on-demand since someone who missed our live shopping also can get their questions answered.

“We want to inspire our customers and, with quality broadcasts, create a relationship with our customers online as well as in-store” Head of e-commerce, Naima Osman

How much time in total do you spend on Live Shopping each month? Our team has experimented with various broadcast types and schedules and found that hosting 15-20 minute Live Shopping events every two weeks works best for our customers and us. With a clear focus and concept, we spend around 10 hours per month planning each event, including planning for outfits, rehearsals, product selection, and more.

” I advise taking the time to thoroughly plan your Live Shopping events. Doing so doesn’t require much time, and it ensures transparency throughout the organization, especially with marketing efforts before and after the event.” Says Wiktor Sjövall

Lessons learned from the first broadcast until today? The most important thing we experience initially is to get started and be ok that everything could improve. Once we started, we focused on creating a smooth internal process regarding our overall Live Shopping Strategy. Who does what, who will be in front of the camera, who is behind, what content we should produce, how long our Live Shopping events should be, how we market our events, etc. When we, after a few occasions, nail that. Everything went more smoothly, and with the feedback from our customers, we got better and better every time.

Three Future Ideas:

In the near future, we have three exciting ideas that we plan to implement to enhance the customer experience and strengthen our community:

  1. Brand Partnerships: We aim to collaborate with other brands, particularly in the fashion and accessories industry, to build curated looks that resonate with our target audience. This will provide an opportunity to showcase complementary products and broaden our reach.

  2. Behind-The-Scenes: We plan to experiment with behind-the-scenes content to offer a glimpse into our team and culture. By doing so, we hope to build stronger connections with our customers and promote transparency.

  3. Customer Participation: We want to invite our customers to join us in Live Shopping events and talk about their favorite products. This will give them a platform to connect with like-minded individuals in the CCShoes community and help us gain valuable insights on their preferences.

How do you market your Live Shopping events? We started from scratch and have only used our in-house staff in our Live Shopping which we are proud of. In terms of marketing, we have used our existing channels. Instagram & newsletters have been significantly successful for us, and we have also experimented with running ads on Facebook & Instagram. It’s the same here regarding creating a great structure to reach your customers and followers with the information. After completing the Live Shopping events, we made a Shop-It-LIVE email that significantly drove traffic to our site.

The same goes for structuring the Live Shopping on our website. It would be best if you were crystal clear in your communication. We have collected all our Live Shopping on one page, and on the day of our Live Shopping, we put it on top of our homepage so that no one will miss it.

I want to thank both Wiktor & Naima for an inspiring interview and for being given great insights into their business and how Live Shopping influences their brand & customer experience.

I wish you all the best with your continued Live Shopping Journey!

Check out CC Shoes Live Shopping here.