The value of on-demand conversion

The value of on-demand conversion

Live shopping provides value both live and on-demand. By making your events available on-demand, you can make the most out of your live shopping. Studies have shown that as much as 60-70% of all conversions happen after the live shopping event is completed.

When you’ve finished broadcasting events, your best strategy is to promote them and make them easily accessible on your website. We sometimes see that brands and retailers make the mistake of removing the stream after the live shopping event. Nor do they use the content the live event has created.

Instead, you should build a content library on your website to drive relevant long-term traffic. When you consistently create live shopping events and build your library, old live shopping events can come back to life. And when you’re a real pro, you can start referring live viewers to older streams where you talk about a specific topic.

Through live shopping, you can reuse content and publish it to social media, newsletters, and other existing channels. Let’s say you have a live shopping event that lasts 45 minutes. How many stories, TikToks and Reels could you create from that? Quite a lot.

We can clearly see that our clients who do this make their live shopping events relevant much longer. So don’t remove your events directly. Harness the power of on-demand and put in the required efforts, and you will start noticing better results quickly.

In conclusion

  1. Keep promoting
  2. Build your library
  3. Reuse your content
  4. Let your content convert 24/7

Also, wouldn’t you like it if your customers spent more time on your site?