About Streamify

The company Streamify was founded in 2017 to create a modern solution for the future of live streaming.

In 2019 the Streamify platform was launched as an easy-to-use digital platform that combines live streaming and e-commerce. The service targets both the individual creator and larger established actors in a broad range of industries. For example, a local musician can use Streamify to live stream and sell merch as easily as a Sports organization can host and stream thousands of games from a tournament. Likewise, influencers and e-commerce use Streamify to sell products through live video shopping.

Sports, Music and E-commerce

The common need

Our customers are from a broad range of industries such as e-commerce, sports, and music. They all have a common need to increase possible revenue through services in live streaming and e-commerce.

Streamify icons for platform features

Important core values for Streamify

Streamify does not believe in restrictions that harm possible revenue. Therefore, we have no limits on the number of viewers, storage, etc.

We fully believe that revenue thrives when our customers have the freedom to innovate and create. We also strongly believe in a high degree of interactivity and engagement, which translates into a high value for the viewer and recurring long-term revenue for our customers.

Golang code with Gopher on standby

A scalable platform

The platform is built with a microservices architecture where all services are developed in Go, a so-called statically typed, compiled programming language developed by Google. The platform has been developed since 2017 and consists of around 600 000 lines of code. It’s run primarily on servers hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, and the scheduling of services is done automatically in the cloud.