A digital live platform for showbiz

Live stream events, sell tickets and merchandise. Viewers can ask questions and choose their own camera angle. Streamify’s live platform is easy to use and provides excellent options to grow your live streaming.

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Enriching audience experience

Multicam symbol
Enrich the audience experience and give them the power to seamlessly switch between cameras.
Streamify broadcaster
Download the Apple or Android app to broadcast from your handheld device easily.
HD Icon
Superb quality
Variable bitrate for any speed internet.
Limitless capacity
Unlimited HD Live broadcasting, Viewers, Storage, and Pre-recorded videos.
Sell tickets
Set your ticket and subscriptions prices and start selling with support for more than 135 currencies.
Sell merch
Start selling your merch with built-in e-commerce.
Sales channels
Customer-specific Play and sales channel, where you can easily organize content.
Replay Icon
Never miss out on the aftersales; the finished live broadcast is instantly available.
Chat icon
A chat that engages
A moderated chat and QA that increases engagement, call-to-actions, and sales.

...and much more features to discover!

The live scene is digital and open for all

Streamify has the stability, capacity, and integration options to handle large events. Listen to Streamify’s CEO Johan Klitkou talk about Streamify’s digital platform for showbiz (in Swedish).

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Sell more than tickets and subscriptions

Start offering merchandise to your devoted fans. With Streamify, you can quickly start selling products during live streams. For example, the band’s t-shirts or records, easily managed. You can use your existing e-commerce platform or use our built-in e-commerce.

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