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Sex toy shop Mshop selects Streamify as Live Shopping supplier

At Black Friday 2022, Mshop is launching live shopping as a new channel to communicate with customers. After a lightning-fast implementation of the live shopping platform Streamify, the sex toy shop was able to host a live shopping event just in time for the Black Friday shopping holiday.

“It must have been some record of the implementation of live shopping! It took three days from an initial contact with Streamify to complete the integration of live shopping in our webshop. The collaboration has exceeded all expectations!” – Moa Kristensson, Content, PR, Influencer & Digital Marketing Manager at Mshop.

Mshop sells sex toys both in-store and online, and the plan is to offer the same service online as in-store with Live Shopping. In connection with Black Friday 2022, Mshop wanted via live broadcast to help customers find the best products at the best prices, with sustainability and enjoyment in focus. Something they implemented via Streamify’s Live Shopping platform.

“Customers come to our physical store mainly to get advice. With live shopping, we can provide the same service and advice in our online store” – Moa Kristensson, Content, PR, Influencer & Digital Marketing Manager at Mshop.

Want to staff the digital store With a well-sorted and nicely decorated physical store, Mshop staffs its store with knowledgeable staff who train customers to find the right product for their needs. During the past year, the focus has also been on providing the same service digitally. Mainly via social media, chat, and digital customer service. With the help of live shopping, Mshop believes they can add more dimensions to their webshop.

“Communication with customers becomes very one-sided digitally. And customers are met by a, as I like to describe it, “a wall” when they visit an online store. Digitally, you easily lose the interaction and dialogue with the customer. But through Live Shopping, we can interact and engage with customers in real time,” says Moa Kristensson, Content, PR, Influencer & Digital Marketing manager at Mshop.

The future of Live Shopping at Mshop In its work to de-dramatize sexual pleasure and sexual health, Mshop’s primary focus is on educating customers in the area. Their Live Shopping channel will grow over time – where concepts will be developed according to the customer’s need for service and advice.

“We want to de-dramatize the contact with us. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to ask essential questions about sexual health, nor to get tips and advice about sex toys and pleasure. Through live shopping, customers can ask questions anonymously and receive answers directly in the broadcast,” says Moa Kristensson, Content, PR, Influencer & Digital Marketing Manager at Mshop.

Same experience in all Mshop channels Via social media, blog, newsletter, radio, and in physical stores, Mshop advises customers on sexual health but also inspires them to dare to explore their owb pleasure. In addition, we see that the customer’s buying journey has been redrawn. And that much of the research before a purchase is done digitally. Therefore, counseling should also take place digitally. In an inclusive, de-dramatizing way - and anonymously if desired.

“It’s been so much fun to help Mshop get started with their Live Shopping initiative, and it’s great fun to collaborate with an innovative company with big ideas and visions within the live format. Getting Mshop up and running has gone in record time. They had their first broadcast just a couple of days after the first call! We look forward to a great collaboration and exciting broadcasts in the future,” says Malin Berlin, Customer Manager at Streamify.

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Streamify looks forward to a long-term collaboration with Mshop. The agreement between the parties will not have significant effects on the annual result.