Streamify enters agreement with 3F MediaGroup

Streamify AB (“The Company” or “Streamify”) has entered into an agreement with 3F MediaGroup – Sweden’s greatest media house for hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. Entering into an agreement with a player within the segment concurs with the Company’s objective to allow more industries to discover live shopping.

“Many people still believe that live shopping is reserved for fashion, beauty and health. But the hobby and leisure industry is perfectly suited for live shopping’s educational and converting format,” says Rickard Lönn, Head of Sales Streamify.

3F MediaGroup consists of Jakt är Jakt and five magazines on hunting and fishing, among other things. The merger of these took place in May 2023 and meant an increased turnover from 5 million SEK to 60 million SEK. With over 1.5 million exposures a month, they reach two-thirds of all hunters and almost half of all fishing anglers in Sweden.

“By adding live shopping to our offer, we give our audience a smoother buyer’s journey to products we know they are interested in. Streamify offers a good and simple solution and we look forward to getting started,” says Roger Manfredsson, CEO 3F MediaGroup.

The agreement is signed for 12 months and will result in a SaaS income for the Company.

For further information about Streamify, please contact:
Johan Klitkou, CEO
Phone: +46 76-643 37 47

For further information about 3F MediaGroup, please contact:
Roger Manfredsson, CEO
Telephone: +46 73-369 16 69