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Streamify in a new collaboration with PostNord

With over 3,000 filled positions in 2021, the recruitment process is the hub for contributing to the supply of skills within PostNord. Now Streamify has become a collaboration partner and contributes to the Live Shopping concept, which will be part of the recruitment process of new terminal workers, drivers, and mail carriers. In the Live Shopping events, candidates can ask their questions via live chat to people working in the role today for which they are applying. At the same time, employees can interactively answer their questions via the live broadcast.

“We are very humble and grateful for the trust we have received from PostNord. We look forward to helping them on their journey and developing the investment together in the long term. It’s great fun to see how quickly and smoothly the process has gone from start to finish, and we’re already looking forward to their first broadcast.” - Alexander Rönnlund, Global Sales Executive at Streamify.

The live shopping format will be able to be implemented in other parts of the organization, such as their Graduate programs. The Graduate program is for newly graduated talents with an academic background who, for ten months, receive varied learning within the PostNord organization. PostNord Joblive will be a channel to inform and inspire recent graduates to apply for the Graduate program.

“In our dialogue with PostNord, they say that there is a lot of talk about reaching the new consumer, Gen Z or the mobile-first generation. PostNord means that the new consumer is also the new candidate, which means that that target group also needs to be met in the channels they prefer, even in a recruitment process”, Anna Björkeryd, CMO at Streamify.

After almost a year-long process of researching a live shopping platform, the choice fell to Streamify.

The agreement will not have significant effects on the annual result.

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For more information about Streamify, please contact:
Anna Björkeryd, CMO på Streamify
Phone: +46 72-313 04 90

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