Streamify new provider of education in Live Shopping at IHM Business School

IHM Business School has some of Sweden’s most popular courses in e-commerce, marketing, and business development. Together with Streamify, they are now broadening the course offering with education in Live Shopping to meet the industry’s needs.

IHM Business School continues to develop and launch courses in e-commerce and marketing where relevance and demand rule. Live shopping is a new way to interact and create relationships in a digital world. Therefore, the collaboration and training with Streamify is just the right time.” - Linda Thyrén, marketing and communications manager at IHM Business School.

With courses in e-commerce, business development, and marketing, IHM Business School expands its offer of shorter, skill-developing courses for professionals, where Live Shopping becomes part of the Upskill catalog.

“When I had the privilege of listening to Anna Björkeryd talk about Live Shopping and the results it gives in increased sales and brand trust, I couldn’t resist taking the subject further. We see the format and way of working that Anna advocates positively impact achieving increased online sales” - Annelie Nordström, business developer at IHM Business School.

The Advisory Board unanimously pointed to Live Shopping as tomorrow’s need
IHM Business School has several different Advisory Boards for their education, as part of quality, ensuring the education’s relevance and meeting future needs and trends.

During the E-commerce Advisory Board last spring, Live Shopping was presented as part of an educational program and was well received by the participants. Live Shopping is here to stay, but there needs to be more mastering the format strategically and creatively. Therefore, it is believed that an education in this format can make brands more efficient in successfully implementing Live Shopping and achieving the best effect quickly.

“Live Shopping is not just a live broadcast with a camera; it’s a business strategy. I am so happy and proud of our collaboration with Anna and Streamify!” - Annelie Nordström, business developer at IHM Business School.

“Consumers’ purchasing behavior is changing rapidly. As an e-retailer, it is important to understand the underlying causes and be introduced to solutions to meet the new consumer. I am happy that Streamify and IHM can contribute to this relevant topic” - Johan Klitkou, CEO at Streamify.

Within the new concept, IHM offers shorter training courses for individuals and companies that want to provide their team member’s skills development. All courses are developed together with company representatives from the respective industry. Initially, the classes will be in three areas: e-commerce, marketing, and digital sales.

Read more about the training in Live Shopping here: :

The term of the agreement is 12 months and will not have significant effects on the annual result.