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Make money for your local sports club through live or recorded broadcasting of all your matches, competitions, summaries or tournaments.

And in addition to viewer revenues, you also create great added value for everybody involved. All the participants and team leaders can watch when they get home, and all those who couldn’t be there in person can choose between live or recorded broadcasts.

You also expand the marketing reach of your collaboration partners into new areas. 

A sports mum first experience of Streamify

Streamify Broadcaster App Preview

Gif Sundsvall Cup explains why they chose Streamify

This video was recorded from a live stream using only Streamify on iPhone 6. No extra equipment were used.

What you start with:

  • No fixed costs or other commercial commitments.

  • No investments or risks. 

What you get: 

  • The local sports club retains 70% of the revenues from ticket sales, regardless of the number of tickets sold.

  • 1 viewer = profit for the team/club

What you do:

  • Set the price and broadcast your events by iPhone or iPad.

  • Market the service to all leaders, participants, friends & families or competitors.

Illustrative case

Own tournament

100 teams
5 tickets per team
(Live or recorded broadcast) $16.80 per tournament ticket

Profits for the local sports club: $5,880

Local sports club/team  

10 teams x 20 matches per team 10 tickets purchased per match (Live or recorded broadcast)
$4.50 per match

Profits for the local sports club: $6,300

Individual competition

400 participants
300 viewers
(Live or recorded broadcast) $5.90 per ticket

Profits for the local sports club: $1,239