The Streamify & Entire Stories saga continues another year

The collaboration between Streamify and entire Stories was extended a year due to a successful Live Shopping pilot. The new German marketplace for slow fashion; entire Stories, focuses on displaying sustainable, upcoming, and high-quality fashion brands online and uses Live Shopping from Streamify to tell the brand’s entire story.

“We want to give fashion and sustainable brands the space it deserves by helping and inspiring our customers to shop for sustainable products via Live Shopping”, says Co-Founder Jacqueline Taborsky.

entire Stories was founded by Elena, Cedric and Jacqueline in November 2020 and has 60 + sustainable brands displayed on its website. The entire Stories marketplace wants to make it easy for consumers to shop for garments and products online from brands that match customers’ values—giving trendy newcomer brands a platform to communicate and educate customers. Using Live Shopping, brands can now educate and interact with customers in a whole other way than before.

“We identified that sustainable, upcoming brands needed help with exposure to build community and succeed with storytelling online, so we started entire Stories. With Live Shopping, our customers can communicate with the brands and get more educated about products and values. Brands broadcast live from their showrooms, and we display the live stream on our marketplace and in our other channels – creating valuable content for brands and consumers”, says Co-Founder Jacqueline Taborsky.

All brands have gone through a careful process, matching brands to the high sustainability standards entire Stories stands for. The idea is to give sustainable brands a place to present themselves and allow customers to shop according to their style and values.

“Some fast fashion players are already providing outfit inspiration via live shopping. We want to use the tool to combine inspiration and education. Our streams should not only show outfit inspiration but, above all, give background information on materials, production, and our brands. We are confident; we have to present fair and sustainably produced fashion just as attractively as fast fashion so that it has a real chance of competing”, says Jacqueline Taborsky, Co-Founder of entire stories.

Live Shopping amplifies Storytelling
Using Live Shopping, entire Stories can communicate around the brands they sell and interact with customers on another level. In the future, customers will find plenty of live streams from the founders of the brands so they can interact, inspire and share more background information about their products.

“Instead of writing long product descriptions and relying on three product images to sell the products, we can add much more context and story to each brand and product with Live Shopping”, says Co-Founder Jacqueline Taborsky.

The duration of the agreement is one year and will not have significant effects on the annual result.